Key benefits

  • Powerful insights about fans’ behavior
  • Increased loyalty and number of supporters
  • Engagement in stadium and off the field, increasing daily active users and monetization
  • Expanded sales channel through a marketplace with multiple sellers
  • Fresh and comprehensive information
  • Exclusive content
  • Opportunities to directly interact with the Club, players, and other fans
  • Loyalty points, prizes, badges, tickets, discounts, meet & greet, giveaways
  • Access to exclusive Club groups like "Official Supporters"
  • The feeling of personal connections with Club members and other fans
  • More personalized and insightful relationship with the whole fan base worldwide
  • Run campaigns to engage the fans
  • Offer unique promotions
  • Present offers in $ and/or points in the Club’s store

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the app will be listed with your Club’s Official Name and Logo in both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.
No coding required.
Yes, Belong brings you an advanced mobile app, native to both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms. We focus on delivering the best possible experience for you and your fans, including real-time updates and offline mode.

The app is able to seamlessly integrate with your website in order to display the content that you want.

To develop a quality custom app would be expensive ($300,000+) and time-consuming (10+ months). Moreover, you bear the unknown risk of building the wrong thing as well as high maintenance costs going forward.

Belong is an out of the box solution, focused on delivering the best fan experience through an innovative blend of content, gamification, and eCommerce. It’s ready to be customized and branded to match your Club’s Identity. Your fans could have it on their phones and use it in as little as 4 weeks.

You can preserve the content that you want from the existing app while seamlessly upgrading to Belong.
Your fans will still have one app – the Official Club App.
There is a one-time setup fee and a monthly subscription. These depend on the level of app customization and the size of your fan base.
We encourage you to book a demo and find out more.
Depending on the level of customizations it can take as little as 4 weeks.
In two ways:

From the app, you can frequently organize contests for your fans. Among the types of rewards that you can offer are loyalty points. With these, fans can unlock promotions (which you can also create from the app) and use them as anchors to bring your fans to the store more often.

The Club store becomes a marketplace that allows you to host more sponsors who can sell to your fans. You can control who can sell, what products are listed, for how long and how fees are being distributed. Everything from the app.

In addition to regular updates, you can allow fans to collect and exchange virtual objects such as badges or player cards. You can periodically offer exclusive contests, prizes, discounts, and meet & greet surprises.
You can post a question or a chain of questions and attach a prize to it. Each question may have one or more correct answers. When selecting the correct answer, the user unlocks the prize.

If the prize is virtual, such as a set of points, a badge, or a player card, it is automatically transferred to the user's account. If the prize is palpable and must be claimed from the club store, the user receives a voucher with which he can make the claim. Everything from the app.


  • QUESTION: “What was Leo Messi’s childhood team?”
  • PRIZE: A beautiful collection badge with Leo Messi
  • REPLY OPTION #1: “Barcelona Youth Team”
  • REPLY OPTION #2 [correct option]: “Newell’s Old Boys”
  • The user taps option #2 “Newell’s Old Boys” and unlocks the collection badge.
The content becomes social. In addition to the club news, club members, as well as fans, can post messages with images and videos, just like they do on social media platforms. Users can join groups and start conversations on various topics while receiving exclusive content.

Contests are easy to create and are highly entertaining for users to partake in.

When the club offers loyalty points and promotions, it's very easy to turn the store into an essential element of the app - you can make the products in the store payable in part or in full with the points collected.

As the store manager, you can display product prices in $ or in loyalty points. Or a combination of both. For example, you can sell a cap for “$20” or for “$20 or 2000 points” or just for “2000 points”.

This gives you great flexibility in how you can convert fans' engagement into an upselling funnel.

Belong knows how to automatically group fans according to their preferences or inclinations on topics that interest you. This way you can easily send content, contests, and prizes that are designed to suit people's interests.

We recommend that you book a demo and watch it live.


See a preview of your fully branded football club app.

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